The most unique aspect of this disruption is that it seemingly has no end. Unlike previous such disruptions, it is not narrow or limited. There is no period of stability on the other side. I think this will be the most troubling aspect of all. Humans need periods of stability to plan and reason about their lives and AI acceleration is going to offer none of that.

I think the excitement may very quickly turn into despair in attempting to remain relevant ahead of the accelerating technological curve. There are also many social aspects that will likely emerge that will be far more troubling than present social media.

FYI, I've also written a lot more in depth on those aspects. Would be interested in your views as well - https://dakara.substack.com/p/ai-and-the-end-to-all-things

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I love that robot art. Bullseye for the style that works for me 🎯

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